Friday, November 16, 2012

Discovered links

Holy crap, it's already Friday again. From Tallon's birthday party, my dad and his wife staying with us for almost a week, Tallon teething and his 1 year appointment this morning. (the little guy for four shots) it's been a pretty crazy week. I welcome you weekend, please be kind and relaxing. On that note, small list of discovered links, but a beautiful one...PS, seriously, I have to limit the amount of wedding photos I post..why don't I just call it discovered links weddings because that's all I post! I like it, hope you do too :)

Vogue's version of Alice in Wonderland?! This I like...

I wish I had the balls and money to have had a vintage wedding dress.

Same wedding as above, look at those bridesmaids dresses! Gorg!!


a photographer that I absolutely admire, I check her website every day to see what she shares

I try and repeat these words to myself as much as I can remember, but really, it's so true


  1. Ohhh yes. If I ever chose to marry my soulmate, we would have a vintage wedding probably. I adore those old timey details. And the alice in wonderland dress is so gorgeous. Not to mention, that model who is ever so popular makes anything look smashing. Nice blog!

    1. Thank you! I look forward to following your blog :) ps, so jealous that Mamma Cass couldn't be my name!