Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

FINALLY! I get to take Tallon trick or treating this year! At this time last year, I was sooo bummed that Tallon wasn't born yet, I thought for sure that he would have popped out by then. But alas, he waiting TWO MORE WEEKS!

Our Halloween weekend was fun, Jeff and I went to a friend's house/Halloween party on Saturday night. Jeff and I totally felt like the oldsters there, it seemed like every person there was either just out of high school or at least didn't have a sleeping baby at home like we did :) Side note, I'm pretty sure since having Tallon, my alcohol tolerance has changed. Usually, just one shot will get me tipsy, but on Saturday I had a shot and a beer and felt nothing! I know, I'm such a lightweight, but it truly is not fun at all. I'm usually the first one to throw up and can never keep up with everyone else. Let's see how our upcoming weekend in VEGAS turns out. I'm supah excited for that.

So here is a photo from us on Saturday and below are some pictures I saw online of Halloween costumes from the past. Soooooo freaking creepy!


Let the creepiness begin...


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