Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Thinking About – Whether to transition Tallon from formula to cow’s milk or almond milk. I’m so scared of all the hormones and who knows what else that is in cow’s milk, but his pediatrician is urging that he goes to cow’s milk …help! 

Eating – dried banana chips! I love them so so much and fancy myself a banana chip connoisseur. I am very specific on the brand I eat. 

Watching – Project Runway! After 10 seasons, I still can’t get enough. Don’t tell my husband, but I’m secretly excited for The Walking Dead to come back on. When Tallon was born, I had to stop watching for a bit because it was just too dark for a stay at home mom with nothing to do but think all day…about zombies! 

Anticipating – Tallon’s 1st birthday party! It’s November 11th and even though that seems far away, I’m learning slowly but surely that life moves fast, so I need to get in party mode and start buying and preparing. 

Reading – I’m lame and am currently not reading a book consistently. Let’s count the Food Network Magazine I read yesterday as what I’m currently reading. 

Listening to – Listening to Tom Petty’s American Girl. Reminds me of Silence of the Lambs and Fast Times at Ridgemont High all at the same time. 

Loving – My amazing friends and family. Seriously, without Jeff and our baby boy, I don’t know what I’d do…actually, I’d probably be lounging at a beach resort sipping a margarita.

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