Wednesday, October 24, 2012

better late then never

I'm a sucker for second hand furniture. Blame it on my mother. When I was young, our entire home was furnished by finds from estate sales, yard sales and raids from her customer's homes (my mother was/still is a beloved hairstylist to the senior community where she lives). I so so regret not taking photos of the home we lived in from the time I was 9 to 18 when we moved out. Knick knacks, doo dads, tokens and dooblaferries were splattered on the walls, table tops and anything that would hold still. On top of those, were a sea of potted plants that my mom had strung their vines across shelves and lovingly watered often. It wasn't expensive, but it was unique and personal.

The neighborhood Jeff, Tallon and I live in is known for the weekend yard sales and thrift stores. It's impossible to not drive down a street in Lakeland Village and not drive slowly by the merchandise displayed on the ground and tables. I recently picked up a dresser, a heavy one at that, for $5! We needed a dresser so desperately in our bedroom since our plastic drawers from Walmart looked like they were literally melting from the weight of their contents and age.

Some primer, paint, a few breaks and voila! Still need to buy new drawer knobs, the ones I purchased at Hobby Lobby just aren't matching the paint color. PS, anyone been to a Hobby Lobby? OMG, Michael's craft store on crack. CHEAP CRACK. Seriously, so addicting.