Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

I'm not sick this Monday! Awesome...wait got excited too soon-hubby is now sick. I have a feeling that this coming winter is going to be a tough one in regards to colds and the flu. Now that Tallon is in daycare, he'll not only be bringing home nifty crafts, but also little germs from all the other children. please pray for us.

This weekend was pretty eventful, I shot a gun for the first time! And if this doesn't sound epic, it was for me since I've only held a gun once prior to this weekend. Don't know, just not a gun person, never was. We also took Tallon with us which we were skeptical about, but we have to start taking him places right!? And if we didn't take him, how sad would I have been if I didn't have this adorable picture of him? This kid slept through gun fire 20 feet away, sounds like my child.


Jeff has reached a point in his career where he can take every Sunday off now which means we will have a family day every week! Such a small thing for other families, but for ours, this is huge. Such a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that I will have an extra hand on Sunday with Tallon. And of course I'm looking forward to football Sundays...did I just write that? I must be feverishly excited.


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