Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekend recap

I wanted to start doing a weekend recap every Monday, however THIS weekend, I was sick. Not just sick, dying sick to where I needed to go to Urgent Care and get a nebulizer, sick. Geez. Thanks genetics for sending on down the asthma. Tallon woke up with a stuffy nose Friday morning and Momma woke up Friday night sick and it's still goin' on. Tallon got just the sniffles thank goodness, not sure how I could handle him and myself being sick.

But before I felt really terrible, we managed to go hang in Riverside at the Mission Inn and have lunch with an old friend, Vanessa.
Here are some other lovely pictures of myself using my trusty nebulizer. I can't believe Tallon will be 10 MONTHS tomorrow. But that's another post....for tomorrow. :) 



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