Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tunes Tuesday (First Edition!..done on Wednesday)

I love music. Who doesn't love music? But what I love most about it is how there's always music to discover. Always someone a new artist to lend an ear to. For my first edition of Tunes Tuesday, I wanted to share my top five recently discovered songs...that I love! They're pretty much on repeat on my Ipod at this point.

                                              5. Sun Was High (So was I) By Best Coast

This song really encapsulates what my summertime youth consisted of. Bethany Consentino's elongated vocals mixed with the simple guitar strum takes me immediately back to 2006 (wow, long time ago). The picture above was the photo they used for the single when it was released. Why do I absolutely love it? Who knows. But I do.
4. Whatever You Want By Alexandra Hope
Don't let this dark picture mislead you. Whatever You Want is an upbeat sing-a-long that I haven't been able to stop singing. How she combined innocent and feminismistic take-charge lyrics is beyond me, but one list to this song and you'll be singing yourself.
3. All or Nothing by Au Revoir Simone
I'm noticing a pattern here of girl power songs. I like it. All or Nothing begins with some pretty awesome lyrics: Everywhere is somewhere baby, so can't you see we're in the middle of somewhere? How amazing and mind blowing is that?
2. Rill Rill By Sleigh Bells
if I was to ever go on a run (and for people who know me know that this would never happen) THIS would be the song playing on my ipod. No words to explain it except two words. My Anthem.
1. Big Jet Plane By Angus and Julia Stone
I saved the best for last. This technically isn't a recently discovered song, I've been listening to it non stop for about two months now. But it's such a beautiful, delicately sung piece that I want every person I know to love it as much as I do. Yes, the lead singer may look a little Charles Manson-ish, but once you hear his soft voice, you'll be thinking Charles who?

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