Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post 2-I'm getting somewhere.

Am I right? Second post and still going strong. I need that kind of encouragement. 

Something about me: I love cake. Strawberry cake. 
Something about my husband: He does too.

How to bake a cake (meant for someone who already knows how)

A quick "not what to do" photo

Quick thought, do you ever rewind and analyze conversations you had earlier in the day? I do too. A lot. And mostly I look back on those conversations and then ask myself wtf was I thinking. I need to remember to think before speaking and keep in mind that people can misinterpret words that are said. Isn't that way relationships with people is all about?

Moving right along, buy a cake mix, eggs (try not dropping them first), oil and frosting of your choice.

Mix it all together and Wallah! Cake on crack WITH sprinkles alla Amanda. 

And trust me, it was delicious and moist.

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