Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy List

Since I've started following blogs, taza-and-husband has been in my top five blogs to follow. She's gorgeous, he's handsome, and they have ADORABLE children, who wouldn't enjoy looking at their photos all day long? Not that I've done that or anything. (Lie)

Happy Lists was a feature where Taza shared fellow bloggers' own list of what makes them happy. Well, here is my own. I hope this will serve as a hint Taza, to bring Happy Lists back!

Happy List!
1.       The moment when you open the door totally expecting to be smack with heat and instead a cool breeze kisses your face.
2.       When Starbucks’ white cups are replaced with their red seasonal cups.
3.       The squishy face smile of my son.
4.       When an old favorite song plays on Pandora.
5.       Meeting a new blogging friend.
6.       A sincere compliment from a stranger.
7.       Two words: Ellen Degeneres.
8.       A slow moving, sun-shining Friday morning.
9.       The discovery of an amazing artist. Any medium.
10.   Birthday party planning.

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